What is Adopt a Family Program?

Adopt a Family Program is a community outreach organization that specializes in operating various programs that improve the lives and well being of children or seniors from low income families.

How is Adopt a Family different from other Programs?

This truly is a feel good program. Adopt a Family Program offers a personal touch of outreach. Adopters are able to feel a special connection with the people they select to adopt for the holiday or donate gifts to. The adopter selects the family by reading the Family Letter written by the parent or guardian, or selects a Senior to help. A Wants and Needs list is provided for each child in the family, telling the first name, age and school grade of the child. The Wants and Needs List is a Wish List that is thoughtfully prepared by the child’s parents, often with the child’s help. This assures the Adopter is shopping for and buying gifts that the children want and need. The Adopter may provide wrapping paper for the parents to do the wrapping. Each adopted family is required to submit a Thank you letter or card written before they receive their gifts. Adopt a Family Program will forward those personal thank you messages to the Donor or Adopter. Many times the family will reach out to the Adopt a Family Program after the holiday, sending a special note of appreciation and pictures of the children enjoying their gifts. With parent permission we post some of these photos to our webpages and forward them to the adopter. Often the parents or grandparents are in tears when they see the generosity of gifts being given from our donors.